Australia's premiere "bad bitch" is not happy with Taylor Swift.

You have been warned, Taylor.

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift kicked off the Australian leg of her 1989 tour over the weekend. And the astute attendee would have noticed a significant absence…

Where was Lee Lin Chin?

The woman herself is not happy, and took to Twitter to deliver a warning:


The #Chin4TayTay army will be out for blood if Swift doesn’t bring her on stage for at least one performance over the next two weeks.  Also vying for a spot is Carrie Bickmore, who is willing to concede to a shared spot with Chin, stating on tonight’s episode of The Project, “we’re a squad man. We do everything together.”       The Project tweeted Chin to see if a collaboration was something she would be interested in.  Her response was as sassy as you’d expect. 


That’s one heck of a collaboration.

Mamamia previously wrote…

Taylor Swift is about to make our Wildest Dreams come true as she descends on Australia for the down under leg of her 1989 world tour. Tay Tay has a history of bringing “bad bitches” up on stage during her shows: Ellen Degeneres, Alanis Morrissette, Mary J. Blige. Check out Taylor and Ellen on stage:

Video via Shine On Media
Mamamia Taylor Swift

There were clearly only two options: Early polling indicated that SBS newsreader and sartorial icon Lee Lin Chin was indeed the front runner, a point not overlooked by the she-ro herself (or the genius who runs her Twitter account): But we are not Out Of The Woods yet and the people of Australia must rally behind our premiere “bad bitch”.

A few worthy soldiers. #Chin4TayTay

The competition is rapidly heating up too, none other than The Project’s Carrie Bickmore has also expressed her desire to grace the stage with the leggy songstress.


Ooooooh, there’s going to be some Bad Blood up in here. We love you Carrie, really we do, but…

Choose Chin, Taylor, she never goes out of Style.

I Wish You Would.