Hitting the open road with Mamamia.

Thanks to our brand partner, LDV G10

I still can’t believe we’re doing this but here we all are at the office bright and early with at least one takeaway coffee under each of our belts with plans to stop for another one as soon as we all pile into our mobile office for the day – an LDV G10 People Mover. It’s like a working road trip, with some of my favourite girls from the Mamamia Women’s Network (MWN) office.

Today is all about the car, but it’s also all about the food, and the music and – ahem – getting all of our work done.

From our Sydney office in Surry Hills we’re heading straight to the Inner West where we can get a delicious coffee and pastry (or a Nutella-donut-topped milkshake) followed by a cruise through the gorgeous Bicentennial Park at Homebush near Sydney Olympic Park. And then it’s picnic time at Lane Cove National Park and to get back to the office we’ll take the scenic route – over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and straight to Bondi Beach for ice-cream which we will eat NEATLY so as not to dirty this beautiful vehicle.

Don’t drop any ice-cream kids, I mean girls, I mean…you know what I mean.

Check back in later for our updates from the road on how much we are enjoying these excellent features…

Passive Entry

The best thing about having children my age is that they can get in and out of the car without help and even do up their seatbelts. There’s even less for me to do with passive, keyless entry and it’s just a push of the button to start the engine. See how easily the girls and I get in and out? When you’re as busy as most of us are these days it’s really important to have easy access to our vehicle. There’s never a minute or even a second to spare.


Rear Camera

I can’t park without rear camera and sensors anymore. It’s just so easy. I can back into our car park leaving plenty of room to access the boot and get out our picnic stuff. I always over-pack for picnics so I have quite a bit to get out. If we weren’t in a rush to get back into the LDV to keep working we would have been able to bring our Frisbees, rollerblades and all the things we’d usually do after eating a big picnic lunch. However, work is waiting.

Interior Space

The interior of the LDV G10 People Mover is so spacious. We’re not banging elbows or fighting over charging points or anything. We each have our own cup holder or two and our laptops aren’t banging into the back of the seat in front of us. Our legs are stretched out and I for one am feeling way too relaxed.


Comfy Seats

I’m going to get into trouble for saying this but these seats are way more comfortable than the ones in the office. For writers, chair comfort is of paramount importance. We need neck and back support and if we do so happen to nod off for an impromptu power-nap then all the better. Research has shown that power-naps are a great idea for office workers.

What are some of your favourite spots to head to with your family?