The Bachelor's Laurina calls out Richie's decision and labels him as 'emotionally immature'.

We can all remember where we were when we found out Richie had picked Alex, and not Nikki, as his one true love on The Bachelor.

We remember the feeling like it was yesterday (and yes, it still hurts just a teeny tiny bit), and we even relived that pain watching the Gogglebox families react to the result last night.

But there’s one person we can always count on to give us their 100% real, no holds barred viewpoint on what really went down behind the scenes: Laurina Fleure, who shot to fame on the second season (aka Blake’s season) of The Bachelor and who placed third on the latest season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

Laurina has weighed in on what she thought of the Bachelor finale. Image via Instagram.

At an event naming her as the new face of Brand Exclusive's 'Celebrity Shopping, Reality Prices' campaign, Laurina told Mamamia how she really felt about Richie's controversial choice.

"I was really, really surprised. I was so team Nikki," she said.

"I was definitely team Nikki!" Image via Channel 10.

"[Richie] seemed to be quite emotionally immature, and not really pick the one that seemed to have the long-term forecast. He seemed to go with the hot, sexy, 'in the moment' option."

"Sometimes when you are younger, you go with the lust. Lust knows no bounds."

richie and alex
Laurina says Richie went with the 'hot, sexy' choice. Image via Channel 10.

But there's something Laurina wants people to remember when they weigh in on the Great Bachelor Debate of 2016: it's all down to the editing.

"It’s really important to say when you’re commenting on these things that you’re commenting on the editing and the show and not the people. It can be really hurtful to comment negatively on other people’s relationships," she said.

That doesn't mean that Laurina doesn't have strong opinions about Richie.

Alex and Richie talk about their living arrangements. Post continues after the video.

Video via Channel 10

"He didn't seem emotionally mature at all. Even in The Bachelorette, when he tried to tell Sam he loved her, he choked on the words because he felt obligated to say them," she said.


"He really struggled to say anything that was emotionally convincing throughout the whole show."

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With Australia comparing Richie to the man Laurina was fighting for, Blake, she said she thinks the man who famously dumped fiancé Sam Frost for second runner-up Louise Pillidge has been "redeemed".

Laurina believes Blake has been "redeemed". Image via Channel 10.

"To be honest I don’t think he did too much wrong other than try to be too perfect. He was too much of a puppet and he was just doing what he was told," she said.

"He wanted to be the best Bachelor ever, and he was really trying. He was trying his hardest to do everything by the book and doing what he was told."