Laurina Fleure refuses to eat bulls' eyes. Probably regrets rejecting #dirtystreetpie.

Laurina Fleure must have known she would be called upon to ingest items not commonly found on the shelves at Woolies during her I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! tenure.

The show should really just be called Watch Celebrity Types Eat Gross Stuff.

Fleure’s just not into it though. Despite having appeared on The Bachelor, she says she has “boundaries”.

That’s actually true. If she won’t eat #DirtyStreetPie, then what made the producers of I’m a Celebrity think she was going to eat a bunch of eye balls and maggots in oyster shells?

bulls eyes
Laurina was challenged to eat bull eye balls surrounded by blood-soaked maggots. Image via Channel 10.

Fleure lost a game of spin-the-bottle with Warnie last night. Usually that particular scenario involves a special game of Seven Minutes in Warnie Heaven, but on I’m a Celeb, it’s all about eating things that will make you cry.

The delicacy she was called upon to consume? “A bull’s eye surrounded by blood-soaked roasted maggots served on a bed of rock salt with a slice of lemon.”

Laurina looked disgusted but not too concerned, because she knew she was not doing that.

Watch Laurina’s flat-out refusal… Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

“I’m not even going to try,” she said. “I have boundaries and that’s not OK.”

Warnie asked her if there was any way she could just try, which is incidentally something he often says during Seven Minutes of Warnie Heaven.

“Does it make you happy to watch me gag?!” Fleure demanded before refusing to do it again. I’m not going to make any jokes about that statement.

laurina grossed out
NOPE. Image via Channel 10.

Fleure’s boyfriend Lewis Romano went on the radio this morning to defend her honour. She didn’t refuse the challenge because she’s a princess, he said, she did it for medical reasons. I think any of the celebrities could claim that. How safe are spitting cockroaches anyway?

“I know she has been petrified about the eating challenges given her surgery and twisted intestine issues in the past,” he told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM this morning.

“As a kid she had a twisted intestine and the same sort of thing happened two years ago.”

I bet she’d kill for a meat pie right now, though.

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