Matty J just dropped a bombshell about how he really met Laura Byrne.

“I can’t believe we never crossed paths before!!!!!!” so said Matty J, to Laura, at the home town dates last week.

They live in the same city, move in the same circles, and had never crossed paths.

How very weird.

How very strange.

How very LIES.

Because it now appears they very much had crossed paths. Before The Bachelor aired. And it’s no longer a rumour – this highly important information has come straight from the horse’s Bachelor’s mouth.

“We crossed paths,” he told OK! Magazine, in a new interview.

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“She said something to my friend in the sauna at [Sydney’s] Icebergs, but details weren’t exchanged and we didn’t contact each other.”

But…did you? Did you really  Is the show a lie? Are you a lie? We’re sensing a lot of lies right now.

Laura’s betting odds have been the shortest all along – since well before the finale. Is that because no-one else stood a chance…?

Everything we know and love seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Send help and supplies, etc.

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