Watch the adorable moment Laura Byrne told Matty J that she was pregnant with their second child.

We've been hanging out for something to smile about, and what do you know: Laura Byrne and Matty 'J' Johnson have delivered. 

Or at least they will in approximately 4.5 months.

The couple, who met on The Bachelor three years ago, have announced they are expecting their second child.

In a family photo shared to Instagram featuring her pregnant belly, Laura wrote, "I rec[k]on we’ve kept this little beach ball under wraps for long enough.

"Halfway to number 2."

Listen: Laura Byrne talks becoming a mum on Me After You. Post continues after podcast.

The jewellery designer and host of Mamamia's Me After You podcast gave birth to their daughter, Marlie-Mae, in June, two months after Matty J proposed.

"Marlie-Mae learning shocked face couldn’t have been timed any better," Matty wrote, announcing their new pregnancy.  

"Please brace yourself for twice the amount of dad jokes."


Since their announcement, Laura has shared the moment she told Matty J that she was pregnant - which was all captured on film. 

Before even opening the card that Laura had written for him, Matty boldly said, "You're pregnant". Once reading the card, Laura exclaimed, "Yay!" as Matty hilariously said, "I knew it!".

You can watch the whole moment unfold in this glorious video shared by Laura:


Of course, Marlie-Mae had to get in on the action too - sharing her excitement my mimicking her dad's enthusiastic hand gestures.

Now that the news is out there, Laura has been able to share more snaps of her growing bump and add to the collection of adorable Byrne-Johnston family photos. 

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Speaking recently to Mamamia about her first year as a parent, Laura shared that she was scared about losing her sense of self.

In fact, she chose not to take maternity leave, and continued working full time on her jewellery label, Toni May.

"I really thought that I would lose who I am if I spent too much time at home. So I would bring Marlie to work from when she was four weeks old and put her in the bouncer under the table," she said.

"I really felt like I had something to prove [to myself] in that first year so I didn't take any time off."

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But as Laura explained, the good thing about juggling both a baby and a business is that when she is working, she needs to be as productive as possible.

"Something that I realised after having a baby is that it makes you super laser-focused," she said. 

"I now get two days' worth of work done, in the one day that I have free because it just makes you go, 'I need to be productive.'

"Every minute counts."

Feature image: Instagram.