'Matt's mum was in the room': Laura Byrne's very candid birth story.

Birth: there's nothing quite like it, and it's clear no two birth stories are the same. Which is why we're asking everyday women and some of our favourite celebrity mums to share theirs, in Mamamia's My Birth Story series.

This week we profile the host of Mamamia's podcast Me After You and jewellery designer Laura Byrne, mum to 15-month-old Marlie Mae, who is currently expecting baby number two.

Pregnancy was thankfully a fairly straightforward affair for Laura Byrne, although she was surprised by some of the changes her body went through.

“People tell you that you might get stretch marks, but they fail to mention they’ll be on your butt too!” Laura laughs.

With partner Matt away filming for work during the third trimester, Laura was happy to have some time to herself before the baby arrived.

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“We were setting up our new apartment so I got to do all the nesting stuff on my own which was honestly pretty great. The one downside of Matt being away was that I decided not to do any of the birthing classes as I didn’t want to go by myself.” 


Laura didn’t read any pregnancy or birthing books and wasn’t focused on a particular style of birth plan.

“I had a great midwife and we planned to go with the flow when it was time. 

“Matt did buy us one book to read about the first six weeks with baby, but we were so busy after she arrived that we forgot to collect it until six months later!”

Two weeks after her due date and with her baby still happy inside her tummy, Laura and Matt were booked into the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney for an induction.


“At 7am that morning I was all ready to go but I had to sit and wait for Matt in the car who still hadn’t packed his hospital bag! Once we were checked in, I was hooked up to the induction drip to get things moving and I had my waters broken.

“It was really exciting; Matt’s mum Ellie and my sister Alisha were with us so we were all just chatting and Matt was making little videos for Instagram.”


About one hour after being induced things started to get more serious.

“The pain became intense so quickly that I began violently throwing up. I had been warned that on rare occasions women who are induced experience no breaks between contractions – lucky me experiencing that!

“I had planned on trying not to use any drugs, but after an hour of pain and vomiting I asked for an epidural. Once that kicked in I was sitting up in bed chatting and sipping juice - it was like the difference between night and day!”

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Another five hours passed before Laura was fully dilated and then things took a worrying turn.

“Marlie was posterior and her head got stuck. I was trying to push but by then it felt like the epidural had worn off and I could feel everything. I just wanted to get her out safely.

“The doctor said they would need to do an episiotomy but decided not to give me any more pain medication because of the epidural. I then went into shock because the pain and pressure felt so intense!”

Laura was told by the obstetrician that she needed to ‘cough’ her baby out and with the help of a suction cup, baby Marlie Mae was born.

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“I was so happy to finally have my healthy baby girl in my arms that I didn’t even notice the placenta coming out as I was being stitched back up. I was just so relieved she was out.

“Honestly, compared to some birth stories I have heard I feel immensely lucky that it all ended so well!”


With baby number two due in less than three months, Laura feels ready to go through it all again.

“I’ve been so busy I haven’t thought much about the birth, but I am comfortable with this approach and a lot less anxious this time around. I know it will be fine - if Marlie’s birth taught me anything it was that I can’t control what happens.

“I will just surrender to the process and know that it’s totally worth it in the end!”

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