"Such a shame." People are absolutely furious at Prince George's newest milestone.

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When news about Prince George is leaked the reaction is usually a fusion of gushing and awww-ing, but the latest information about the five-year-old’s latest hobby is having a completely different effect.

On Sunday evening royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted a photo of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II in the car driving at Balmoral Castle. While the photo was from 2017, the caption is what has people furious.

“Kate, William, George, Charlotte & Louis are spending this weekend at Balmoral with HM. George was taken to his first grouse shoot on Friday by Kate, with the Queen, Charles, Edward, Sophie, Louise & James, Anne, Zara & Mike Tindall joining for lunch. Quite the family fun!” she captioned the image.


It was the detail about Prince George learning how to shoot that had people angry, and many expressed their distaste for the activity on Twitter.



Others were sympathetic to the royal family, and were quick to point out that many of the people criticising ate meat on a daily basis.



In November last year, Prince William made a speech at a gala night for The Tusk Trust, in which he advocated for animal welfare.

“For many of you, you will have heard me talk about the illegal trade before,” he said.

“It is barbaric, it destroys livelihoods and communities, and it supports organised crime. The world is a worse place for it, and we must stamp it out.”

It is this speech that many are referring to when highlighting perceived hypocrisy.

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