Lara Bingle's nude photo scandal

Lara Bingle modelling for Speedo

It’s not quite what you think it is. Model and television personality Lara Bingle is involved in another nude photo brouhaha but it’s not because an ex-fling sent them around. She was papped while inside her own apartment. The naked photos were then bought by her own friend, celebrity paparazzo Darryn Lyons (him of the fake abs variety), and then shopped around to the tabloids and newspapers to see if anyone took the bait.

Instead, A Current Affair ran an ‘expose’ on the paparazzi tactics and aired blurred out versions of the photos. And now, to top it all off, Darryn Lyons is demanding $110,000 in payment as the pics were aired without his permission.

Huh? ACA boss Grant Williams said:

“My job is to expose grubs who think it is al right to take photos of naked women through bedroom windows, not to do business with them,” Williams said yesterday.

“Darryn is absolutely kidding himself.”

As for Bingle, she said she wasn’t sure what was going on but said she felt violated by the drama, especially considering Lyons was a friend and co-owner of a restaurant with her.

“What I understand is that he brought the photos,’’ she said.

“I called him but he never returned my calls so there must be something up.

“I don’t know whether he bought them to protect me or if he bought them to make money off me.”

It’s worth noting that Lara is currently filming a reality show about her life for Channel 10. And reality shows need story lines. Just saying. Here’s her radio interview.

Later today, Darryn Lyons defended himself by saying he offered the sheet of photos to Lara herself so she could ‘proof’ them for sale.

Hmm. Fishy?