Lara Worthington showed everyone her pregnant belly... without being in the shot. Impressive.

Lara Worthington has remained tight-lipped when it comes to her impending arrival: a sibling for her 18-month-old son, Rocket Zot.

But the 29-year-old model and tanning aficionado (she owns her very own label, The Base) has uncharacteristically shared a very personal detail about her pregnancy, reportedly eight months along.

Belly casting.

Sharing an image of the finished product with her 480,000 Instagram followers, the wife of Hollywood actor Sam Worthington captioned the post: “It’s a ritual in my family!”

It’s a ritual in my family! #bellycast

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The DIY-style pregnancy momento – which involves a woman plaster casting her burgeoning baby belly – has taken off in recent years, with celebrities like British singer Myleene Klass and model Brooke Shields also subscribing to the artsy project.

Some soon-to-be mums hang their casts on the nursery wall as is,, while others choose to paint them or even have the baby add hand and footprints once born.


While it’s unclear what Lara’s plans for her cast are, she’s also opened up to New Idea about the daunting prospect of having two children under two.

“I’m sure it might seem full-on at the beginning for me, and it’s probably a lot harder than it is now, but when they get older they can share their life together,” she told the publication in July.

1 year of this little man. Thank you, Universe! ????

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While balancing her successful career with motherhood might be difficult, keeping busy is something the Aussie-born New Yorker relishes.

“For me, my number one priority is my son and my family. The business and everything else works around that,” she said.

“I get to do my work at night when [Rocket]’s sleeping. My work space is everywhere. It’s all over the world.”

While her due date remains unclear, Lara is reportedly expecting to give birth in the coming months.

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