15 beauty and lifestyle hacks every woman needs to know.

Gather around ladies, we’ve found the ultimate beauty/fashion/life hacks and they’re going to make your vagina-owning life so much easier. Seriously, we’ve got solutions to the problems you didn’t even know you had yet.

The women of Reddit have shared their ultimate lady life hacks and they range from simple, yet genius ideas that’ll make you ask ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ to some absolute game-changers.

Wash your face over your basin? One Reddit user has found the solution to the water that drips down your arms and all over your counter and floor – sweatbands. Simply pop some sweatbands on your wrists and those little bad boys will soak up the water, stopping it from flooding you and your bathroom. Genius.

Another user shared a solution to that creeping stocking situation where your gusset (ugh) is down near your knees by the end of the day: “Wear an extra pair of underwear over tights to keep them up if you have issues with them falling down.”

lady life hacks
Seriously, we've got solutions to the problems you didn't even know you had yet. Image via NBC.

While others shared some shaving tips, that will have you silky smooth in no time.

"Need to shave fast and don't have time for a full on shower? Baby wipes. Swipe, shave, repeat. We used to do this all the time back at camp and we had restricted time in the showers," one person wrote.

"Shave using baby oil instead of shaving cream/soap. Silky soft and smooth skin, helps to prevents ingrown hairs and moisturises too!" added another.

Want to cut down on your showering time? One Redditor recommended the following: "Lather your hair, lather your body, lather your face, THEN rinse. Makes things so much faster rinsing just once instead of after every lather."

And we might just have the solution to dry and oily hair: "Shampoo your scalp only, condition your ends only. Like pull your hair into a ponytail and only condition the ponytail. It prevents scalp build up, keeps your hair cleaner for more days, and still keeps your ends healthy."

And once you get out of the shower, women in the thread recommend that you use an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair rather than an ordinary towel.

One woman suggests using microfiber cloths to remove your makeup: "You just need to wet it with water, and it'll wash off even waterproof mascara! It sounds too good to be true but this honestly changed my life and saved me SO MUCH money on buying cotton pads and all."

lady life hacks
"Blow dry your eyelash curler before using it." Image via iStock.

While another recommends blow drying your eyelash curler: "Get it nice and warm before you use it. Works the same way as a curling iron, your lashes will look like falsies all day!"

Meanwhile, if you love shoes, you're going to love these hacks.

"If your feet are swollen and your leather heels are a little too tight, put a heavy coat of lotion on your feet. You'll slip into the shoes more easily and the lotion will help the leather stretch," one person said.


"When buying heels, I recommend buying half a size up. Make sure you don't walk out of the heels but the small amount of extra room will save your feet when they swell after standing in heels. If they are a little too big, buy some gel inserts that feel good to stand in and keep your foot in," added another.

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This clever tampon hack will get you through your work day: "When I have my period I wear those molded-cup "t-shirt" bras and just tuck-in a couple of non-applicator tampons. That way, when I go to the bathroom without my bag (like when I'm at work) I am not caught by surprise, and even if I know I need one I don't have to parade through work carrying my bag-o-period stuff."

And this one will sort out those sneaky chin hairs: "Keep a pair of tweezers in the car. It's much easier to see your stray eyebrow (or chin or whatever if you're in that life stage, it happens sooner than you think) in natural daylight. Just pluck when you're parked; you can't do it while you're driving AND texting. Seriously, put your f**king phones down and keep your eyes on the road."

lady life hacks
"Shave using baby oil instead of shaving cream/soap. Silky soft and smooth skin, helps to prevents ingrown hairs and moisturises too!" Image via iStock.

One Redditor recommended using a paperclip to turn a normal bra into a razor back bra, while another said you can use an ankle sock as a soft case for big sunglasses.

And one woman shared the ultimate hack for hiding anything you don't want your husband, kids or your housemates finding.

"I have a husband and 3 boys...I keep an empty tampon box and an empty pad box in the cabinet in the bathroom (pads in boxes are hard to find these days)... anything I want to hide from them goes into one of the boxes. Boys will NEVER look. I keep a variety of feminine hygiene products in the cabinet by the stool in case any of their girlfriends needs something, this has never failed boys taken away as punishment, Christmas presents that were small enough...candy bars that were just for me."

Do you have any great lady hacks to share? Let us know in the comments below.