Kylie Skin has just launched in Australian stores. But are the products worth your cash?

Kylie Jenner's highly anticipated skincare line Kylie Skin has officially launched in Mecca

It's the first time her products are available in Australian stores - so naturally, they'll more than likely sell out quick.

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The launch includes eight products from the face and body collection, including the Foaming Face Wash, Walnut Face Scrub, Face Moisturiser, Eye Cream, Vanilla Milk Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Hydrating Face Mask and Coconut Body Scrub.

While the ultra-cute minimal pink packaging with her name printed across it will be enough of a drawcard for many, is the range actually worth the buzz?

After searching through countless reviews, we have some answers. 

Here are the Kylie Skin products you should snag, and the ones you can leave behind.

Foaming Face Wash, $43.


So the first step in everyone's skincare routine is, of course, a cleanser. This one is a foaming cleanser.

Ingredients include glycerin which is extremely hydrating and kiwi seed oil, which is rich in vitamin C and E. The face wash is designed to hydrate, lock in moisture and according to the website, remove makeup.

But reviews note that this cleanser doesn't actually remove all makeup (especially waterproof makeup). So we'd recommend using an oil-based cleanser first.

Plus, while foaming cleansers say they're hydrating, they tend to strip the skin of its natural oils. So if you're worried about your dry skin lacking moisture, opt for a milk or cream cleanser instead.

Verdict: Leave in store.

Honestly, $43 for a basic cleanser is seriously pricey. And cleansers are not something you need to splurge on. There are plenty under $20 that will work just as good, if not better. So maybe give this one a miss.

Walnut Face Scrub, $40.


This scrub was controversial before it even hit the market. 

Like the name suggests, Kylie Skin's Walnut Face Scrub uses walnut particles as the exfoliant. And much like the classic St Ives Apricot Scrub, fruit particles can cause micro-tears in the skin. No, thank you.

Popular skincare expert Caroline Hirons gave the scrub a go during a YouTube video, and it's safe to say she wouldn't use it again.

"The walnut scrub is as bad as you would imagine, I'm not a fan. At least it doesn't have anything foaming in it, so it doesn't foam while it's tearing your face off," Hirons said.

While Hirons explained that it's not as harsh as traditional physical exfoliants, it won't be good for the skin in the long run.

Verdict: Leave in store.

Physical exfoliants can easily overly exfoliant and irritate the skin. We'd recommend a chemical exfoliant instead.

Vanilla Milk Toner, $38.


Okay this one sounds lovely but let's discuss what it actually does.

The Vanilla Milk Toner includes ingredients like glycerin, squalane and avocado oil; three extremely hydrating ingredients. The toner is also alcohol free (which is great because alcohol is extremely drying) and has a very slight fragrance of vanilla milk (if you're sensitive, it might be best to skip this one). 

Now, toners are not entirely necessary. They're a nice addition to your skincare routine in between cleanser and serums if you'd like to use one, but you don't need one.

Verdict: You decide.

This toner is neither here nor there. It's hydrating which is great (plenty of toners aren't) but it won't do much more than that. So you decide if it's worth $38.

Vitamin C Serum, $50.

Vitamin C has to be one of the best active ingredients out there. It works to brighten, retexturise and basically even everything out. It'll help correct pigmentation or uneven skin tone, and leave your skin bright and luminous.

This one is a light vitamin C serum which is great if you're looking for a gentle option or you're new to Vitamin C. It also includes camellia leaf oil and safflower oil, which will moisturise the skin.


Various reviews note that this serum sinks into the skin really nicely and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. However, as it's only 20mls, it won't last very long.

Verdict: Pop it in your basket.

We're a sucker for Vitamin C and at $50 for an active serum, it's pretty damn good. We'll be grabbing it.

Eye Cream, $36.

This multi-purpose eye cream is designed to hydrate, de-puff and brighten the under-eye area. 

Ingredients include caffeine (fantastic for reducing puffiness), green tea extract, Vitamin C, jojoba seed oil and shea butter; a beauty lover's dream ingredient list. It has a thick consistency and a slightly peachy tint to counteract any darkness. 

And it has rave reviews that confirm that it actually does everything it says it does.

Verdict: Pop it in your basket. 

If an eye cream can actually hydrate, reduce puffiness and brighten, we'll buy it immediately.


Face Moisturiser, $43.

Lastly, let's talk about Kylie's face moisturiser. 

It includes shea butter, sodium hyaluronate (aka hyaluronic acid) and glycerin which are super moisturising. It also includes antioxidants such as banana leaf and orange peel extract. 

As Caroline Hirons noted, it's simple, moisturising and does the trick. However, it doesn't include SPF.

Verdict: You decide.

It's a basic moisturiser that will do what it says it will: moisturise. However, it doesn't include SPF and costs $43 so we wouldn't run to grab it.

Final thoughts on the range.

All in all, the products are simple and gentle. The entire range is free from parabens, sulphates and gluten; and everything is vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested. So if you're a fan of Kylie Jenner and want a basic skincare routine that leaves you moisturised, then definitely give them a go.

Will you be buying Kylie Skin? If so, let us know which products you'll be getting in the comments below.

Feature Image: Instagram/@kylieskin