Kylie Jenner has a skincare brand. She also does not know how to wash her face.


Kylie Jenner knows how to do a lot of things: She knows how to take a great selfie, market herself and make a sh*tload of cash.

But one thing Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to know how to do is wash her face.


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The 21-year-old debuted (and sold out) her Kylie Skin skincare line last week, which featured products including a face wash, a vitamin C serum and a moisturiser. This week she shared a 30-second clip of herself to Twitter and Instagram to show fans how to use her new cleanser, which she recommends using “morning and night”.

In the clip, Kylie rubs the foam cleanser over her face for about 10 seconds before rinsing with water and wiping her face dry with a white towel.

It’s very confusing.


There are a few things to unpack here:

  • The filter makes it hard to see Kylie’s skin, and seeing skin is fairly crucial to a skincare video
  • She did not tie her hair back and it’s making us uncomfortable
  • Gently patting cleanser on your forehead does not… do anything
  • Cleansing your face should take 30-60 seconds, pls Kylie, don’t give up after 10 seconds
  • The foundation streaks left on her towel feel like a problem?
kylie jenner skin care video

We're not the only ones who were a bit... sceptical.





Before her skincare line even launched, Kylie was facing backlash over one of her products.

Kylie introduced her walnut face scrub as her "secret to a fresh face", but fans were unimpressed with the physical scrub (dermatologists warn such products can cause micro tears on your skin, which can lead to infections).


Basically, the major question everyone had was... Does Kylie really use her own products, especially when she has access to much more expensive derms and treatments?

The cleanser video probably hoped to put that question to bed, but it's just raised more doubt.