An innocent photo has convinced people that Kylie Jenner can't change her baby's nappies.

You hear that? The sound of keyboards being attacked with fury and frustration? That’s Stormi Webster‘s biggest fans coming to her rescue!

You see, one-month-old Stormi – tiny daughter of Kylie Jenner – will be left in the same diaper for her entire life. No, really. It can’t be changed.

Kylie Jenner’s nails are too long.

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Quelle horreur.

Concerned fans, upon spotting the big, very big, oh-my-goodness this is big flaw, leapt onto their phones and expressed their thoughtful (?) sympathy for a baby that's now a prisoner of its own diaper.

Oh, and soon, the news picked it up.

Is the earth still spinning? If it slows, we'd love to roll off its surface into oblivion so we no longer have to be part of a world where the length of a mum's nails is a certifiable way to measure her parenting abilities.


Why are more and more young girls altering their faces to look like Kylie Jenner?