A very serious investigation into where Kylie Jenner's 7 dogs are.

Kylie Jenner has seven dogs, but you wouldn't know it.

The influencer, reality star, special friend to Timothée Chalamet, and alleged self-made billionaire has a hoard of Italian greyhounds. Her journey as a dog mum began with Norman and Bambi in 2014, then came Rosey, Harley, Kevin, Jack and Jill. 

At one stage, Kylie reportedly had 11 dogs. 

As someone who once had three cats, I'd say that 11 dogs is simply too many dogs for one person. 

Norman and Bambi originally had their own Instagram account but it's been inactive since 2017. 

Does this mean that Kylie has stopped caring about her dogs since 2017?

Let's discuss. 

Kylie's dogs were once all over her Instagram – they were popping up in almost every Instagram Story, they were covering her grid.

But in recent years, the dogs are seldom seen on the youngest Kardashian sister's social media. 

Instead, she's been laughing about wearing white t-shirts.

'Hahaha, so true, t-shirt.' Image: Instagram/@kyliejenner. 


And smiling at her shoulder.

'TFW your shoulder just made a joke.' Image: Instagram/@kyliejenner. 


Relatable content.

There was a rare spotting of the dogs in July of this year. 

Image: Instagram/@kyliejenner.

However, I'm only counting five dogs here. Where are the two other pups? 


Who let the dogs out? Rob, probably. 

In a 2022 episode of The Kardashians, a woman named Victoria was tasked with 'petting the dogs' while Kylie filmed a confessional.

@kidskuddy #stitch with @dashcity how do I get that type of job… asking for a friend #fyp #kyliejenner #dogsofttiktok #worklife #ShowUsYourDrawers #foryou ♬ original sound - Kat

This would suggest that Kylie has hired a dog handler, specifically for dog-petting. 

The dogs were seen in an episode of The Kardashians in July this year, with Kylie out walking her dogs with sister Kendall and Scott Disick.

@kardashfanss Also Kylie and Kendall have known Scott almost their whole lives🫶🏼 #kyliejenner #scottdisick #kendalljenner #italiangreyhound #kardashianshulu ♬ original sound - Kardash Fanss

From this episode, fans would expect that she is close to her dogs, but a TikTok from August would suggest they live separate lives.

Kylie filmed her dog walker out with her dogs, as she exclaimed "I just ran into all my babies on their walk."

Image: TikTok/@kyliejenner.


Bit weird, hey!

The post with flooded with comments like "They are like girl who even are you," and "I love that she’s running into her own dogs on THEIR walk."

Another added, "I swear I never see you with these dogs anymore."

Fans on Reddit have even gone as far to say that Kylie's dogs live in a different house to their owner. 

Based on Kylie's recent social media activity, she spends most of her time in her second house in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. But she has two other homes nearby, one in Beverly Hills which she co-owns with the father of her children, Stormi and Aire, Travis Scott, and another located in the Hidden Hills. 

It's unclear which house the dogs allegedly live in. 

But Kylie Jenner maintains she's still a proud dog mum. 

In the TikTok comments, the makeup guru replied, "I don’t post my dogs as much but that doesn’t mean they aren’t very much a part of my life still."

I'm going to invoke Florence Welch here and say that it looks like the dogs days are (well and truly) over. 

Feature image: Instagram/TikTok/@kyliejenner. 

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