Kylie Jenner is 18. And starring in her rapper boyfriend's new video.

They’re both feeling really stimulated, apparently.

It’s becoming a little bit of a tradition in the Kenner (Kardashian/Jenner, see what I did there?) family to make music videos with your boyfriend.

It says, “I have arrived.” It says, “I have a boyfriend”. It says, “Look at my bum, it’s amazing.”

Taking after big sis Kimbo and her now-husband Kanye, Kylie Jenner, 18, and her boyfriend Tyga, 25, have collaborated, using their creativity to come up with a music video of great cultural importance.

The dollar sign is to indicate that he’s rich, fyi. I know it’s really subtle so I wanted to make sure you got it.

What’s most impressive is how Tyga managed to make a song about statutory rape, then act it out in a video, all with the approval of Kylie Jenner’s mother Kris. It’s really remarkable.

Sticking to originality as a concept, Tyga has sampled (read: used entire song) a 1995 song by Robert Miles. That song is called Children. Hmmm.

Kylie pouts, walks in heels and engages in PDAs of a very intimate nature, taking a leaf out of Kim’s Bound II book, while Tyga utters the phrase “she a big girl, dawg” every time she’s on the screen.

Enter Kylie, not looking self-conscious at all. A total natural.

Here are some other lyrics that Tyga feels bears repeating more than once:

“I’ve been the hottest/ you’ve been the lamest

I’ve been on a plane/ you’ve been complaining.”

WOAH he rhymed “plane” with “complaining”. That’s clever, since they don’t even technically rhyme. Well done, sir!

Watch the clip… Post continues after video.

Video via TygaVEVO

You know, Johannes Sebastian Bach wasn’t respected in his day either, and now he’s considered one of the finest composers of all time. In 300 years or so, the rest of the world will have caught up and Tyga and Kylie and their video will get the respect they all deserve.

I don’t get why you need a notepad and pen when you’re just saying the word “penetration” over and over.

Right now, though, my fondest hope for this piece of pop-culture-drivel is that Seth Rogen and James Franco make another brilliant music-video homage, this time to Kylie Jenner and her Tyga.

I think Rogen would really nail the essence of Kylie’s lips.

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