Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner slammed by fans for a photo posted after Kim Kardashian's hold-up.

The silence on the social media accounts of the Kardashian-Jenner families has lifted and people are furious.

It has been eerily quiet since news broke that Kim Kardashian had been viciously robbed during her stay in Paris this week.

Model Kylie Jenner broke it first with a past holiday shot of her standing on a Turkish beach.

The image held the casual caption of: “looking back at Turks”.

Fans of the 19-year-old seemed too invested in telling one other to “like back” to comment on the storm that surrounds the family, but Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t as lucky.

Source: Instagram.

Caitlyn's post to Instagram only hours later was lampooned by users who accused her of being self-serving.

"Why do you post such a joyous photo so soon when Kim nearly got killed? WTF don’t get it?" One user said.

"What a pr*ck thing to do after what happened to Kim," another user said.

A third user took aim at Kylie's earlier post to shame the pair for their social media use.

"I'm sorry but what the hell is with you and Kylie... you sound like you don't care about Kim. I'm sure you didn't mean it but it's insensitive and Kim was tied up and had a gun to her head," they said.

"Kylie can't stay off social media for more than one day? And post half naked pics... that's safe....esp (sic) since social media is what the robbers were looking at?"

Source: Instagram.

The image uploaded by Caitlyn depicted her with daughter Kylie standing at a car show.

It was captioned: "had so much fun with Kylie at Sunday's car show. Here we are with my friend Jeff Dunham's original #Batmobile."

The 66-year-old followed the post with another image of Kim to express her support.

The two initial posts remain on the Jenner accounts despite the negative feedback received.

Feature image via Instagram: @kyliejenner.

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