Kyle Sandilands just gave the details of his wedding present haul and I have questions.

Late last month, the wedding of the year took place. 

Kyle Sandilands and his partner Tegan Kynaston married in an extremely elaborate wedding in Sydney. 

The couple, who share son Otto, tied the knot at the heritage-listed home Swifts.

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Among the 130+ guests were plenty of Australian public figures, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Karl Stefanovic, Guy and Jules Sebastian, Samantha Jade and Sandilands' co-host, Jackie O Henderson. 

But you know what makes a wedding filled with affluent Australians particularly great?

The presents. 

This morning, Sandilands spoke about all the gifts he and his new bride had received, along with the exact cost of everything. 

And I have... questions. 


Guy and Jules Sebastian were perhaps the most generous gift-givers considering the singer performed multiple songs for the newly married couple, which Sandilands estimated would cost more than $100,000 if he'd had to fork out. Along with that, the pair gave the bride and groom five boxes of crystal glasses valued at around $1,500.

Kyle Stefanovic and his wife Jasmin gifted Waterford crystal glasses that would have cost $3,000 to $4,000. 

John Ibrahim, who is a Sydney nightclub owner, socialite and long-time friend of Sandilands, handed the pair a yellow envelope with a cool $10,000 inside.

Beau Ryan gave the newlyweds a Vera Wang red wine decanter worth $300. If you're wondering, that was the cheapest gift that was handed to the pair on the day, and Henderson snorted when the price was read aloud. 

The pressie that takes the cake, though, is the one Prime Minister Anthony Albanese got. Which, by the way, he went halvsies on with Premier Chris Minns. And was actually a gift for... Otto... not Sandilands and Kynaston. 


They paid to rename a star in the galaxy after the child. 

This all leads me to the 10 questions I want – nay, need – answers to regarding the few hundred thousand dollars that were dropped for the radio host's big day.

1. Why so much crystal?

No but seriously. Who actually wants crystal glasses without some matching bowls or something? If rich people actually drink from them, then I am dumbfounded. 

2. Do celebrities actually spend that much money on gifts no one will use?

Because, like, a star is a nice gift I guess, but... I don't want it? 


TYSM, but please... Just don't.

3. Is $300 really a 'cheap' present? 

I have a mate's wedding coming up and I was thinking of presenting them with a McCafé gift card worth around $40. 

Is this not okay? Please tell me now. Either way, I feel so bad for Beau Ryan. I'll take your Vera Wang decanter anytime, buddy.

4. What are the gift-giving rules at a millionaire's wedding? 

Because I think some people have missed the memo. You've got one guest who couldn't even buy a white envelope with a nice card and another who skipped giving a gift to the bride and groom altogether. 

It's clear we need some more gift guidance because a crystal-laden registry is not enough, clearly.

5. Did no one think to ask for a charity donation or something? 

I'm waiting for an answer. Patiently. 

6. Albanese's wedding gift is undeniably s**t but also, what is the point of purchasing a star that you literally cannot own? 


7. Who gives money in a yellow envelope, though?


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8. Do any of you actually know the couple, or anything about what they like?

I have a feeling Sandilands would have preferred a house or something, but what do I know? 

9. Why are celebrities so bad at gift-giving? 

And who do they think they are to be so bad in the first place?

10. Should I invite celebrities to my non-existent wedding? 

Because I would also like a yellow envelope with $10,000 to be handed to me. 

Feature Image: Instagram @kyleandjackieo.

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