FLUFF: Kyle Sandliands does nothing as ex-wife and new girlfriend fight.







Kyle Sandilands‘ ex-wife, 31-year-old Tamara Jaber and his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Imogen Anthony are at war. Apparently.

Their feud is playing out on social media with big words exchanged in cryptic social media updates. They’re even referring to themselves as a version of Hollywood’s most famous love triangle

“I”m Angelina, you’re Jennifer,” Anthony wrote.

Jaber’s current Facebook slam is the most recent attack: “Dear beautiful, young #foetus,” Jaber wrote on Wednesday. “Your hostile tone towards me, I do not take on… I understand that we defend when we feel threatened, but I am not a threat. I was you once, and I greet you with compassion, love and understanding. Don’t get caught in #bullshit #gossip #media it’s ugly … it causes wrinkles. Rise above your Ange, jealousy, insecurity and hate … cos if you have hateful words your (sic) just in fear.”

It all began after Jaber told Daily Mail that she and Sandilands – from whom she divorced in 2010 – still speak. “We talk… I don’t think we’d ever not talk to be honest,” she said.

Imogen Anthony – Sandilands’ girlfriend of two years – says Jaber isn’t telling the truth and posted on social media, “if by ‘still speak’ u (sic) mean u (sic) speak to the lawyer, about being a jealous mental that drives up & down the street.”

Until the next instalment… Here’s Kyle and Imogen celebrating his birthday in a typically low-key, tasteful manner.

Kyle & Imogen, via Instagram. “Love you so much baby,” wrote Imogen.


We’re sure Imogen and Tamara — both huge fans of meaningless publicity — would like everyone to pick a team like we did with Ange Jolie and Jen Anniston. But, nah, don’t think we will. #TeamPeace


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