Kourtney Kardashian's awkward run in with David Campbell and Sonia Kruger on The Today Show.

The Today Show had an awkward run in with oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, when co-hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger tried to ask her about her sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim was recently held up at gunpoint in her luxury Parisian apartment during Fashion Week.

Kim was robbed while staying in Paris. Image via Instagram.

The chat was going well, with Kourtney opening up about her anxiety and life in the spotlight, but when David attempted to ask about how Kim was doing after the incident, things got very, VERY awkward.

"Obviously your family has been in the news recently after that very traumatic incident...we were wondering, how is everyone going and how is Kim doing?" David asked.

Kourtney responded with "umm" before looking off to one side and consulting someone about the question.

kim kardashian live with kelly and ryan
Kourtney looked hesitant to talk about her sister Kim. Image via Channel 9.

She then stayed silent, before the connection awkwardly cut out.

"It looks like Kourtney doesn't really want to go there with that question..." Sonia began, before David remarked,"I think she's blanking me!"

"She's blanking me!" David said of the awkward end to the interview. Image via Channel 9.

"There's probably a PR person there saying, 'Don't talk about it'," Sonia added.

"She could just say her sister is fine. We just said we're very concerned and we were on side and that we hoped that everyone's fine," David said.

But soon, Kourtney was back on the air, blaming technical difficulties for the awkward moment.

"Sorry, everyone was just talking to me and it got a little crazy then the connection went out," she explained.

kim kardashian social media return
Kourtney returned to speak about her sister's Kim recovery. Image via Getty Images.

She added that Kim was "not doing great" and that the family was "still all really shaken up" after the incident.

"Our lives move so quickly, we don't have a chance to digest [traumatic things that happen]. I'm still shaken up," she said.

David and Sonia thanked the star for coming back on the show to explain the situation.

"We do appreciate your input on this...we understand that you guys are the Kardashians and there are people protecting you. For you to come back on and talk to us is a testament to you," David told the star.

"You're my favourite K!"

Khloe talks about Kim's Parisian nightmare:

Video via The Ellen Show