Kourtney Kardashian shared a sultry Christmas photo but all fans cared about were her legs.


This is… awkward.

It’s Christmas Eve and Kourtney Kardashian‘s leg is nowhere to be seen.

The reality star shared a festive snap on her Instagram, but she looks a bit… weird.

She’s just, you know, casually standing by the Christmas tree in an evening gown, as you do, with what appears to be one long leg in the centre of her body.

Um, what?

“So, I really love watches, and diamonds … a house on the beach?” she captioned the image.

What about another leg, Kourtney?


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So, I really love watches, and diamonds…a house on the beach?

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Fans were left completely baffled by the odd snap, with many jumping in the comments to make the hilarious observation.

“Legs sweetie, where did your legs go?” one person asked.

Someone else joked: “Santa Claus we need you to help us locate a leg that went missing…”

“Where your legs at,” one simply said.

Where your legs at indeed.

Diehard fans jumped in to defend the star, arguing that it was the cut of the fishtail dress which made her bottom half appear so slim.

We obviously agree – and after all, she’s only human – we’ve all experienced a photo mishap or two in our lives. But you’ve got to see the humour in it all.

It’s not the first time one of the Kardashians have been ridiculed for what people have seen as a “photo fail”.

Earlier this year, Kim was accused of photoshopping her eldest daughter North, while Kendall Jenner fans piled on after she posted an artistic shot of her posing naked on a chair.


Many pointed out the “odd” position of her toes.


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In all honesty – we don’t really see the issue here with Kendall’s toes.

But the leg?