This clever Kmart hack turns a $29 laundry hamper into a stylish side table. 


If there’s one thing we love more than a cheap Kmart buy, it’s a trusty Kmart hack.

And now one mum has shared her clever idea for transforming a $29 Kmart laundry hamper into a stylish rattan look side table.

Shantelle posted the hack into the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook Group, earning praise from over 1,300 fellow Kmart fans.

“Pretty stoked with my new little side table! At a fraction of the price elsewhere for something similar!” Shantelle posted online as her first ever Kmart hack.

To create the table, Shantelle removed the liner from the hamper and placed a $12 wooden tray that she also found in Kmart, on top. In her post, she suggests that you can glue the tray down or just leave it placed on top of the table for underneath storage.

And how long did it take her to make it, you may ask?

“About 2 minutes!! Pull out the linen liner, pop in the tray!” Shantelle told Mamamia. 

With a grand total price of $41, it’s an incredible dupe for other rattan wood side tables on the market. Like for say, this one for $199. 

Kmart Hack
$41 Kmart hack vs $199 rattan table.

Like many of us, Shantelle was looking for a way to update her home decor but didn't want to shell out on anything too expensive.

"We were 22 when we got married and moved into our home and our taste and style had changed. I loved the look of rattan wood tables,  but with two little ones (a 3-year-old and 2-year-old) I didn't want to spent $300+ with the risk of it getting broken," she said.


Kmart hamper hack
Shantelle uses the table to display her plant but also plans to use it as a side table in the lounge room. Image: Supplied.

For the time being, both the hamper and wooden tray are still available in select Kmart stores. That said, these things do seem to sell out quick so we suggest a late night Kmart run on the way home may be in order.

Do you have any clever Kmart hacks? Tell us in the comments below. 

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