PSA: There's a $13 Kmart non-stick fry pan that's a dupe for fancy $200 versions.


Every so often a product comes along that achieves a cult status.

But it isn’t often that such a product will leave you with change from a $20, yet the Kmart $13 fry pan will do exactly that.


Writing in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, a woman has shared a photo of the non-stick pans, and she is very impressed with the quality.

Just a heads up. These Kmart non-stick pans are awesome. Price is around $15- 25 each,” she wrote, alongside a photo of the pans. 

“Amazing for the price,” commented another member of the group.

“I agree they are awesome. And I’m the queen of frypans,” wrote another.

kmart fry pan

Other members of the group suggested the product was better than other, much more expensive versions.

"My Kmart pan that cost me $9 works better than my $200 Scanpan," wrote one woman.

"Even better than my expensive Bessemer," suggested another woman.

The pan comes in three sizes for all your cooking needs.

You can get the 32cm for $19, the 28cm for $15, and the 24cm for $13.

It's got a 4-layer non-stick base, a heavy aluminium body, a wood look (soft touch) handle, and a waffle surface.

It's a damn sexy pan.

Have you tried the Kmart pan? Tell us in the comments!

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