This $8 Kmart birthday outfit for dogs is everything we need right now.

From the store that has brought us so many wonderful things – namely stylish, yet ridiculously affordable homewares – comes a product so cute we’re rushing out to buy one as soon as the shop opens.

Kmart Australia has just released a birthday outfit for your dog, which is not something we realised we needed until we laid eyes on it.


The bright outfit consists of a top that reads: “Happy Birthday To Me” and a matching birthday-cake shaped hat. And each one is only $4.

For just $8 your pooch will look his or her best on their birthday. (And if you have a cat that you want to wrangle into it, they can look just as cute, albeit slighty grumpier.)

It’s perfect for anyone who spends more time and energy planning their pet’s birthday than their own, and really, isn’t that all of us now?

But if you want your doggo dressed in perfect birthday style we suggest you get in quick – we’re betting something this adorable will not stay on the shelves for long.

Do you dress up your pets? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below.

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