'I tried the new contraceptive pill subscription service. It's a game-changer.'


Last week, I noticed my contraceptive pill was running low.

I booked an appointment with my GP, hardly able to believe that three months had already passed since the last time I walked into his office, otherwise perfectly healthy, just to pick up a script for a medication I’ve been taking for well over 15 years.

Anyway, I booked the appointment. And then the monsoon came. (Okay, it wasn’t a monsoon. But it was a pretty bad thunderstorm.) Then work got busy, then a meeting ran over. I knew I’d never make the appointment in such torrential conditions, so I cancelled.

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I promised myself I’d rebook for the next day, but every single day that week, something else – life, pretty much – got in the way.

Yes, I am aware of how boring this is. But I’m trying to make a point. It’s seriously tedious and inconvenient to have to go to see the doctor every single time you run out of your contraceptive pill, aka every three months, aka four times a bloody year, aka approximately 12849402 times in the average menstruating woman’s life.


It’s been termed ‘contraceptive admin’ and I know for a fact, I’m not the only one who’s sick of it.

So, when someone told me online healthcare platform Kin Fertility was launching a subscription service, through which I could get my pill delivered DIRECTLY TO MY DOOR (like Uber Eats but for my uterus??) I was ready to jump on board.

But first I needed to figure out if this really was as good as it sounded, so I tried the service for myself. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Kin Fertility?

Startup Kin Fertility was created by Nicole Liu, a 25-year-old woman who was formally an investment banker. After struggling with her own fertility and becoming frustrated with the time it took and the cost of getting a prescription for the contraceptive pill, she turned her attention the women’s healthcare space.

“Kin is a healthcare platform for the modern Australian woman. It’s 2020, getting the pill shouldn’t be such a mission. We’re putting the power back in women’s hands by significantly improving access to contraception, giving them more control and choice over their own bodies,” Liu told Mamamia.

How does it work?

On paper, it sounds simple. You log on to Kin Fertility’s website and fill out a detailed questionnaire about your health and contraceptive history. This information is then reviewed by a doctor, who initiates a text-based consult to address any specific questions or concerns within 24 hours. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for the service, you order your pill (there are 35 brands available), and it will be delivered straight to your door whenever you require a new script.



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How much does it cost?

There is an annual membership fee of $55 but that includes delivery costs as well as multiple doctor consults every year. So if you have a side effect or issues you want to discuss with a doctor, you can – via phone, and it’s covered by the membership fee – so again, no pesky doctor’s appointments. On top of that, there is the cost of the pill itself, which varies depending on what brand you use – but Kin promises to match a pharmacy’s lowest price on all 35 brands they stock.


Is it really as simple as it sounds?

Yes. In fact, it’s even simpler. The questionnaire took me less than 10 minutes to fill out (I have no current health issues and have never had any problems with the pill I have been on since my teens, so my answers were all pretty straightforward.) The following day – without the need for a text consult – I was informed via email I was a suitable candidate for the service.

I selected my pill from a dropdown list of 35 brands, paying $40 for a six month supply. I had already paid the $55 upfront (this is refunded in 3-5 business days if you’re deemed unsuitable to use the service.)

Kin Fertility informed me that my contraceptive would be delivered to my door in 1-2 business days. This was on a Sunday (I filled out the questionnaire on a Friday afternoon). On Monday, I was informed by email that my pills had left the pharmacy and on Tuesday they landed on my desk.

My pills were delivered to my desk. Image: Supplied.

Would you recommend the service?

Absolutely. I completely understand that some people might have more complicated health questionnaires than me, which could potentially slow down/complicate the process. But for me, to receive my contraceptive pill within four days of signing up to the service (including a weekend) with no need to physically see a doctor or visit a pharmacy, it really is a no brainer. This service will cut out the inconvenience of multiple doctors visit, and more importantly, free up my GP's schedule for people who actually need a face to face appointment.

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