Kim Kardashian tries break Internet with nudity again. Might succeed this time.

When will we learn that a week without a Kim Kardashian story on our radar means she’s planning something bigger and better to shock us all?

It’s back. Kim Kardashian‘s bum. Her back is back. It might feel like roughly the millionth time but is probably only the second (or third, if you’ve watched her sex tape).

Kim Kardashian on the cover of LOVE Magazine.

You may remember that time a lady named Kim Kardashian proceeded to break the internet with her full frontal and back frontal photoshoot. You can revisit that shoot in all its oily, champagne glory here.

But this time around, it’s different.

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In a dramatically less oiled-up shoot for LOVE magazine, Kim Kardashian is pictured bent over, naked rear in the air while she smokes a cigarette and gives the cameraman shade with her bleached eyebrows and heavily made up eyes.

It’s a confusing image, yes. The kitten heels to the half laced/half compression bandage socks don’t really mesh well with her Prada jacket and bleached eyebrows.

But hey, it’s #fashion and who are we to judge the creative team at LOVE magazine?

Prepare yourselves. This image is pretty NSFW.

Kim Kardashian, (somewhat) dressed in Prada for LOVE Magazine. Image via Twitter, KardashianWord.

As we said, there was a lot less oil involved in this shoot. And a lot more…. well, somehow it feels like a lot more Kim.