The 'flesh implant' fashion trend we can't stop staring at for all the wrong reasons.

Oh lordy. The future is here, and apparently it looks like creepy body modification implants. (And we thought stick-on bikinis were weird.)

Taking part in the trend, reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian showcased her new choker-esque accessory which lights up to the rhythm of her heartbeat. Meanwhile, model and social media queen Chrissy Teigen opted for a feather-like breastplate.

Queer Eye‘s Tan France has also given the look his tick of approval, and we kind of wish he hadn’t.

You’ll understand when you see the pictures.

alien implants Kim Kardashian Chrissy Teigen
AND it glows in the dark... Image: Snapchat.
alien implants Kim Kardashian Chrissy Teigen
Angelic or weird skin condition? We can't decide. Image: Instagram.

The label behind the implants is A. Human which bills itself as part clothing line, part body shop and is owned by Simon Huck, who is a longtime friend of the Kardashian family.

Speaking to Vogue, Huck said he sees these futuristic accessories as an extension of fashion as self-expression.

“A. Human is about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world in any way you choose," he said.

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The New York label will be debuting their collection through "an immersive, theatrical art experience" and while pieces aren't available for sale as of yet, when they are you can shop yourself some "larger-than-life body modifications", "bespoke hearts for you and your lover" and "biological heels that stem from your legs."

And each to their own, but it's a hard pass from us for now.

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