Kim Kardashian let slip her true (and R-rated) feelings about her unretouched butt photos.

This week, unretouched photos of Kim Kardashian West‘s world-famous behind hit the net…and boy, did the world sit up and take notice.

The photos show 36-year-old Kim, currently on a “girls’ vacation” in Mexico with big sis Kourtney, showing off her curves in a g-string bikini.

‘So what, I have cellulite?’ her face in the snaps seem to suggest.

Women of the world let out a collective cheer, because finally, we were seeing someone who’s empire was basically built on maintaining a ‘flawless’ image show off their true self.

Some of us even cancelled the gym class we had booked because HELL YEAH we have cellulite and we shouldn’t be ashamed.

(I’m lying. I never booked any gym class…)


Some people *cough Piers Morgan cough* claimed the images were disgusting and that women should not be “celebrating their flaws”. Cool.

But it seemed Kimmy K herself was firmly on team body positive, even tweeting about her ‘flawless’ body.


Now, it appears that Kardashian let her real feelings about the pics fly in a since-deleted, expletive-laden tweet.

“Yup I’ve recently seen perspective is a b*tch,” she wrote.

“I’ll work on taking good videos with better lighting & angles. F**k you would think I learned.”

Image via Twitter.

Kim's comment was made in a thread of Twitter chat with Sarah Howard, who Kim had posted a video of 'twerking' to her 51.2 million followers.

When Sarah joked that her twerking skills were all about "perspective", Kim offered up her since-deleted opinion.

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Perhaps Kim's tweet was a part of some harmless banter with friends.

Or, you know, perhaps she's just like the rest of us and, as proud as she is of her body and all its flaws, doesn't want them to be broadcast to millions of people around the world.