Kim Kardashian has shared the details on her beauty routine and we think we're good thanks.

It may have been Beyoncé who declared that she “woke up like this” but her friend (or frenemy… depending on which gossip sites you totally pretend not to read) Kim Kardashian most certainly did not.

In an interview with ELLE Magazine, the 37-year-old reality TV, mobile app and beauty mogul has detailed exactly what goes in to making herself look so darn picture perfect every minute of every day.

And… it requires a lot of effort. As in ‘a few solid hours’ worth of effort.

First, Kim Kardashian – who welcomed her third child just two months ago – rises (and, presumably, shines) at 6am every single morning for a one-hour long workout she describes as “torture”.

Then, she sits down in the hair and makeup chair for another hour. (We’d say she has a coffee in hand, but she once admitted she only drinks it around once a month.)


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Also on Kim’s beauty schedule? Manicures and pedicures once every 10 days. An eyebrow appointment with brow guru Anastasia Soare in Beverly Hills, who Kim once credited as having “changed her entire face”.

Kim also has regular teeth whitening, spray tan, laser hair removal and stomach and thigh tightening laser sessions on her schedule, although she admitted to ELLE she had “cut back” on those types of appointments.

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If Kim wants to change-up her look – like, say, dye her hair a bubblegum shade of pink just in time for a trip to Tokyo – those require “marathon” sessions with her professionals. For example, Kim told ELLE it took her hair stylists six hours to braid her hair into those controversial cornrows.

Writing on her personal website, Kim shared her “hair artist” Chris Appleton had to dye her hair with “red, copper and gold pigments” before they were able to dye her hair back to it’s ‘natural’ brown.


Gonna miss the pink ????????????????????????

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“Doing this stops the hair from turning green and gives you a true rich, natural-brown colour,” Chris shared.

If being a mum-of-three, running a beauty empire, developing a top-rating app AND starring on one of the most successful reality TV shows in the world wasn’t enough, this beauty maintenance routine is enough to make anyone tired.


We think we’ll just stick with rolling out of bed after hitting snooze for the 7th time, running a comb through our hair and hoping no one notices the growing bags under our eyes, thanks…

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