For her baby shower, Kim Kardashian out Kim Kardashian-ed herself.

They did not watch a movie about Steve Jobs.

Fresh off her horrific pregnancy-and-Steve-Jobs-themed birthday party, Kim Kardashian, 35, was celebrated once again on the weekend.

All the Kardashian/Jenner family gathered for their breadwinner’s baby shower including Khloe, who up until recently has been in hospital with Lamar Odom.

Fortunately for everyone, Kim’s husband Kanye West had no part in the organisation of the baby shower, so no one had to watch films about tech entrepreneurs.

Sunglasses, tee pee and Louis Vuitton luggage. Image via Instagram.

Instead, it was a much more apt theme: Troop Beverley Hills (the Shelly Long film is a classic and recommended viewing).

The attendees lounged around in matching striped pyjamas and full faces of make-up, drinking hot chocolate.

They each had a tee pee and a Louis Vuitton suitcase, for some reason.

A completely candid, unposed, unaffected picture of the Kardashian/Jenners. Image via Instagram.

According to People, Kim postponed the baby shower to travel to Las Vegas with her Khloe to support a then critically ill Odom.

Khloe reportedly left the shower after two hours to return to Odom’s sickbed.

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