Inside the insane dream mansion that Kim and Kanye rejected.


They say that moving house is one of the most stressful life events after losing a loved one. Add gutting and renovating a house to the mix and you’ve got an ulcer-inducing scenario.

Perhaps that’s why Kim Kardashian, 35, and Kanye West, 36, have abandoned the Bel Air dream-home they bought for $9 million before daughter North, now two, was born, halfway through renovating it to their own exacting standards.

Next, they bought another mansion in Hidden Hills which is also being renovated extensively (could any of this have contributed to his purported $53 million debt?).

outside mansin
The exterior of Kim and Kanye’s renovated home. Image via E!

And rather than moving into the first house while it’s on the market, they prefer to remain in her mother Kris Jenner’s Beverly Hills pile.

In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian explains to her friend Jonathan Cheban that she couldn’t possibly move into the immaculate house.

“It’s too much to move in here to get it perfect,” she says, adding that she is concerned the furniture she and Yeezy own might not work in the house.

Well, that’s completely reasonable.

“This is amazing. People would sell their children to live in a place like this. Why wouldn’t you want to live here,” says Cheban wonderingly.

kris jenner house
Kris Jenner has moved into an apartment so that Kim and Kanye can live in hers. Image via E!

Kris Jenner has realised there’s an issue here, so she purchased and moved into yet another home so Kimye can have the run of hers in the months after the birth of their months-old baby Saint.

Should the super-couple’s reluctance to move into their first home and the interminable renovation of their second house surprise us?

Watch Kim Kardashian showing Jonathan Cheban around the perfect mansion… Post continues after video.

Video by E!

Well, you know, there’s a precedent for couples constructing dream homes and then promptly splitting up. And there’s a Chinese proverb that states: “if a man finishes building his house, he dies.”

The project of creating the perfect home can be seen as the completion of the trifecta: find love, achieve financial success, construct dream house.

Once the dream is complete, though, there’s nothing left to cover the marital malaise that may have set in. You know, the reality of living life with a megalomaniac, or in his case, with someone who looks deeply into her own eyes more than she does yours.

Just a little pop psychology for you on a Wednesday afternoon…