Surprise breakups: the ones we never saw coming

A little piece of news stopped the Mamamia office for a few minutes last week. And it was this: Olympic swimmer Kieran Perkins and his wife Symantha had split after 15 years of marriage.

Look, we know it’s ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!  We don’t know Kieran. Or Sam.  Or anything about their marriage. And yet there we were shocked by the announcement that their marriage was over.

What is it with some celebrity marriages that have us assuming they are rock solid and indestructible?

The whole Kieran and Sam split got us thinking about break-ups we didn’t see coming. From Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to Heidi and Seal and Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, here’s a reminder of some of those break-ups that left us – member of the public (!) – speechless.

Which celebrity break-up shocked you?