"Tell me your kids are obsessed with Bluey without telling me your kids are obsessed with Bluey."

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Mum... Dad... Bingo... Bluey. 

If you’ve just read these four words and can already hear the accompanying theme song playing in your head, then welcome. You’ve come to the right place. 

Since 2018, Australian animated TV series Bluey has delighted millions of young fans (and probably just as many grown-ups, tbh) with the imaginative adventures of the anthropomorphised Heeler family. For three seasons, blue heeler Bluey along with her pup sister, Bingo, and their pooch parents, Bandit and Chilli, have taken us inside their (utterly relatable) home and family life. 

But if you’re a parent or grandparent to a preschooler, you most definitely already knew all of this. After all, Bluey is a worldwide critically acclaimed series that’s notched up two International Emmys and two TV WEEK Logie Awards. Yep, for real life.

If you hard relate to any of the above faster than you can say "wackadoo", here’s some other Bluey-inspired scenarios you probably recognise.

1. You play Verandah Santa. And The Claw. And Keepy-Uppy.

Bluey and Bingo, along with their ultra-creative parents, are always inventing new games – and like many kids, my own boys love to co-opt these into their own play (thanks Chilli and Bandit).

So, when some of the newest Bluey toys landed on our doorstep, there was only one befitting way to christen them – with a game of Verandah Santa.

Just like in the Christmas-themed episode, I instructed my three-year-old and five-year-old to shut their eyes while ‘Santa’ visited.


“No peeking, or no presents!” I (obviously) quoted from the show.

They lost their little minds with excitement over the Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse, and the Dance & Play Bluey. And thanks to these new toys, our Bluey playtime repertoire has now expanded beyond The Claw and Keepy-Uppy.

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2. Show scenes are re-enacted at home with gusto.

“Oh no, not Ragdoll! This episode of Bluey is called Ragdoll.”

That’s word-for-word what my youngest son says when he and his big brother “put on a show” for me, and act out the opening scene from their favourite Bluey episode.

My inner stage mum lives for their little performances (...where could they have inherited such talent?!). But as much as I’d love to sit and applaud their endless re-enactments, I’m not always available to be their captive audience. 

Thankfully, that’s why the new Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse has been such a fab addition to our toy collection. Modelled on the Heeler’s ~actual~ Queenslander house, this huge playhouse sits at 45cm tall and comes fully furnished with the family’s iconic furniture. 

Image: Supplied.


It very adorably came complete with character figurines, so the set-up is perfect for my kids to simultaneously act as puppet master and audience while re-enacting their favourite scenes, like my boys have been doing.

(Plus, it comes with a Chattermax – because you can’t possibly recreate the Hide & Seek episode without it.)

Image: Supplied.


3. Dance mode can be initiated anytime, anywhere.

In the classic Dance Mode episode, all Bingo has to do is yank her parents’ tails to activate their ‘dance mode’ (which means dancing like no one is watching, most likely in a situation where everyone is literally watching).

Now, I may not have a tail, but that hasn’t stopped my kids from grabbing an arm or a leg and giving it a tug to activate my own ‘dance mode’ – yes, even in the supermarket. And it’s totally worth dancing in the canned goods aisle just to make my boys smile.

But if you prefer to keep your dance moves behind closed doors, my kids’ Dance & Play Bluey toy has been just the ticket. The plush Bluey springs to life with the press of a button; speaking, playing music, waving her arms and balancing on one leg. He’s obsessed. 

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Bluey's also fully loaded with a bunch of interactive movement-based games like Musical Statues, Copycat and of course, Dance Mode! My kids absolutely love boogeying along with their Dance & Play Bluey at home. I did too – and fortunately no one else had to… witness that.

4. It prompts discussion on everything from friendship to feelings.

Deeper meaning isn’t something you expect when you chuck on a children’s TV show (let’s be honest, if it buys you seven minutes of peace and quiet, then that’s a win!).

But one of the best things about Bluey is it thoughtfully and age-appropriately introduces little minds to big concepts.


For instance, the idea of saying goodbye to a friend is beautifully encapsulated in the episode Camping. That’s the one where Bluey instantly bonds with holiday playmate Jean-Luc – only for the friendship to be abruptly cut short when the trip ends. 

Or there’s the Bike episode where a disgruntled Bluey is ready to give up on riding her bicycle, until Bandit points out different ways her friends persevere in the playground – which ultimately encourages Bluey to keep trying.

I’ve found these touching and sometimes poignant themes have even become a springboard to broader discussions.

5. Everyone knows Bandit = dad goals.

How can I have come this far without giving props to Bandit?! My kids adore his sense of humour and I personally believe he resonates because he’s the quintessential modern Aussie suburban dad. 

Bandit is always up for a game, quick with a dad joke and he tackles the battleground of parenthood in his own unique way. Case in point: the exceptional Takeaway episode where Bandit has to distract Bluey and Bingo outside a restaurant, because he can’t possibly leave without the spring rolls.

But for me, one of the things I love most about Bandit (that my kids don’t even realise!) is his glorious habit of dropping an iconic Aussie reference; from bush wees and drop bears, to State of Origin rivalry. Bless you, Bandit.

(Side note: ICYMI, Bandit is voiced by David McCormack, lead singer of '90s indie-rock band, Custard!)


6. The mere mention of Bluey is bonding.

On countless playdates I’ve overheard one of the kids suggest they play a game “just like they do in Bluey”. Yep, this is one of those shows that has that instant friendship bonding factor.

But what astounds me is the way the show has that same connective quality amongst parents. My mum-pals and I feel seen by Chilli; whether it’s her insistence on packing the “boring things” to go swimming or that unstoppable competitiveness she feels after joining her first mother’s group.

And incredibly, this relatability isn’t confined to my own circle. I was floored to read an interview with actress Eva Mendes revealing that she and her superstar husband Ryan Gosling’s children are obsessed with Bluey. 

She said, and I quote: “We watch it a lot”. Um, me too. I also remember seeing a picture of Oscar-winner Natalie Portman toting around Bluey books for her kids to read on holiday. Yep, hard relate.

I take huge solidarity in the fact that some of the biggest names on the planet are just like us; watching the show with their kids and endlessly pressing the *play next episode* button. Talk about the ultimate equaliser.

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Moose Toys - Bluey
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