Khloe Kardashian kracks a joke about the KKK. Twitter explodes.


The Kardashians really owned the internet yesterday.

The K family are famous for… well, nothing really… but they certainly know how to create a media storm.

Yesterday, three big things happened in the K house.

Kim showed her shiny famous butt on the cover of a magazine. And when we say shiny, we mean shiny.

And Khloe? The tall one? She did this:


You know who didn’t find the joke about genocide hilarious? Twitter.

Khloe took the post down from her Instagram account after all the backlash. Big whoops. Her brother in law, Scott Disick, who is married to Kourtney and always a shit-stirrer, pitched in on his own Instagram account by reposting the photo with his own foot note, referring to his Jewish heritage:


What was the third thing that happened? Kourtney’s baby shower for her third baby.

Have a look at these photos. They are something. Because when you’re a Kardashian, the two most pressing daily tasks are haircare and brunch.

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