Khloe Kardashian has just released a denim line with a difference.

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It’s no secret that shopping for jeans can be, well, a downright nightmare.

If you manage to find a wash and style you like, you’ve then got to hope that not only do they fit, but they flatter, too. Dare to be outside “standard” sizes and your pickings are even slimmer.

If that sounds all too familiar, Khloe Kardashian could very well be your denim-clad fairy godmother.

The 32 year old has just released Good American – a denim line with a difference.

My denim line is here!! For women everywhere of ALL shapes and sizes! @goodamerican

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Designed “for women everywhere of all shapes and sizes”, the jeans are available in US size zero (Aus size four) right up to size 24 (Aus size 28).

FINALLY. (Claps all round, please).

There’s skinny and straight-legged, smart and ripped, in every wash and shade you can imagine. Let’s face it, these are made to be Instagrammed.

The creation from Kardashian and British businesswoman Emma Grede aims to be more of a social movement rather than written off as another celebrity-endorsed designer jeans fad. (Post continues after gallery.)


“I called Kris [Jenner] — I’ve had a relationship with her for four or five years now — and she said, ‘What a great idea! Sit down and talk to Khloe.’ The rest is history,” Grede told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I felt like it would be important to try and work with somebody who really embodied this idea of empowering women and being proud and happy with whichever shape and size you are.”

All the denim is made in Los Angeles, with the ‘Good American’ name also referencing the brand’s commitment to providing a fair living wage, supporting the local community and having good charitable works.

The pair picked 22 ambassadors of all shapes and sizes (including Kylie Jenner’s best mate Jordyn Woods) to model the denim collection, which is divided into three categories – ‘good legs’, ‘good cuts’ and ‘good waist’.

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The jeans boast features like a flattering ultra high waist, hip and leg sculpting fabric recovery technology (whatever that is…) and no gaping at the back.

Basically, a denim butt lift that should make you feel kick-ass.


However there’s one aspect of the range people aren’t so impressed with – the price.

Ranging from around AU$208 to $280, many have made the point that they’re not exactly at the price point that many “good Americans”, or indeed Aussies, can afford.

“Damn breaking the bank for the average working women. I’ve been waiting for this launch but way too expensive,” wrote one commenter while another added, “SOOOO many more people wanna support you, but it’s just not realistic for the majority of the nation (MIDDLE CLASS CITIZENS) to be spending that much money on one pair of jeans.”

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While the range is currently just jeans, the pair haven’t ruled out expanding in the future.

“It’s not so easy — otherwise everyone would be doing it — to create the range and to make flattering styles for this wide of size range is difficult,” Grede said.

“So we’re really focused on doing denim. We’re working on some shorts and skirts at the moment, but we’re in no rush to be, like, ‘Oh, here’s a shoe and a fragrance!’”

Image: Instagram/@goodamerican.