When 'Kevin Spacey Fowler' turned into 'Kevin Spacey', everything changed, brother says.

The estranged brother of Kevin Spacey, 58, has made a desperate plea to the Hollywood actor to reach out, following allegations of sexual misconduct against younger men and teenage boys.

Speaking on the Kylie and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning, Randy Fowler said that he had only seen his brother a handful of times in his adult life, claiming that when “Kevin Spacey Fowler” became “Kevin Spacey”, everything changed.

“I haven’t seen the man in almost 40 years… five times,” he told the hosts.

“Life went on in 1980, he went to Juilliard [performing arts school] and…I just never saw him again.”

Following reports of Spacey’s allegedly violent and controlling behaviour, his 61-year-old brother came out claiming they grew up in a physically and sexually abusive household at the hands of their father. Fowler said that he would fight to protect his brother during their childhood.

Kevin Spacey's brother, Randy.

Fowler said he suspected that Spacey swept his trauma under the carpet, rather than acknowledging the pain, and created a different persona for himself as a result of his upbringing.

When asked by the radio hosts if he thought Spacey was a "nice guy deep down", he responded with "somewhere in there".

Fowler said it all changed when his brother dropped his surname (Fowler) to be known by his middle name (Spacey) in the late 70s.


"I think somewhere in there, there is Kevin Spacey Fowler but what happened when he became Kevin Spacey is a whole different story," he said.

This echoes comments Fowler made earlier this week to The Sun, saying he believed Spacey's name change was to mask his “dark side” after a difficult childhood.

“Kevin turned to acting as a little kid. He ditched the name Fowler and created the character of Kevin Spacey to mask a monster. It helped him hide from his demons,” Fowler said.

Kevin Spacey.

Fowler told Kyle and Jackie O that he would still have a relationship with his brother, despite 14 years without contact.

"I understand exactly why Kevin has treated me the way he's been my life's journey to have a relationship with my brother," he said.

Fowler says he leaves his phone on 24/7, just in case his brother ever calls.

"I hope I get to talk with my brother to fill in the pieces. I don't really care about the media and all their allegations; I'm on a quest to get my brother and my family back together... There's nothing I can do but be the brother he needs right now."

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You can find out more about Randy Fowler's memoir, "A Moment In Time: Living in the Shadows", here.