From a juicer to a dog bed: Everything Kevin Costner and his wife are fighting over in their $400m divorce.

Most divorces are messy, but Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner's divorce is on a whole other level.

Christine filed for divorce in May 2023 citing irreconcilable differences after almost a decade of marriage, with the couple getting hitched back in September 2004. Kevin and Christine share sons Cayden Wyatt and Hayes Logan, and a daughter Grace Avery. Costner is also the father to four older children from previous relationships. 

In court documents obtained by People, the couple said they had been separated since April. Since filing for divorce, the exes have been in the news after it was reported in June that Kevin complained that Christine hadn't moved out yet. Costner said that there was a clause in their prenuptial agreement that stipulated she had 30 days to leave the house after filing for divorce. 

And now things keep getting even messier for the warring exes. In court documents obtained by Daily Mail, the divorce has become pettier than ever. In an email, Christine had to request permission to remove pots and pans, a dog bed, a beach umbrella, two swivel chairs, a juicer and an exercise bike from the Santa Barbara home. 

In the email, Christine offered to photograph the items she wanted to take.

The email prompted Costner’s lawyer Jacqueline Misho to respond to Christine's requests with "It is not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds," the email read. 

Christine was apparently told that if she wished to remove any items from the house, she would need to apply in writing first. However, the Yellowstone actor did permit her to remove her toiletries, handbags, clothing, jewellery and "some Christmas decorations" without his permission. 

A source told the news website that "You have a star worth many millions arguing with his wife about whether she can take a salad spinner from the kitchen without agreement in writing," they said. "It’s petty beyond belief."


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In another email leaked by the Daily Mail, Costner accused his ex of spending her child support money on plastic surgery and withdrawing cash on credit cards that belonged to their staff. According to a court document, he claimed that "Christine allocates 60 per cent of expenses such as private trainer, unallocated credit-card expenses, and her plastic surgery to the minor children without any explanation or basis." 

In response to Costner's claims, the handbag designer accused him of not sufficiently financially supporting the couple’s three children. Christine has previously requested a monthly payment of $248,000 dollars which the actor referred to as "astonishing".

According to Page Six, Costner claimed that his forensic accountant found that his ex spends more than $100,000 in cosmetic surgery procedures which is why her child support request was so high, he alleged. 

Christine's lawyer argued in a letter that the Oscar-winner can afford the child support. "Although we have not done formal discovery, we believe that Mr Costner’s net worth is in excess of $400 million and his recent reported income is in excess of $19 million a year." 

Regarding Costner's behaviour, an industry insider said that "Kevin has long had a reputation for being a tough negotiator in his professional life," they said. 

"It’s raising eyebrows that it appears he has the same approach in his personal life, too."

In the meantime, Christine is currently on vacation in Hawaii -- a hot divorcee summer awaits! 

Feature image: Getty. 

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