No, a fourth Kardashian is not expecting a baby in 2018. She just "really likes bagels".


When Kendall Jenner posted an after-dinner selfie, fans were convinced it was confirmation of yet another Kardashian pregnancy.

By this reasoning, pregnancy in the Kardashian family works kinda like the flu.

Yes, Kendall Jenner is having a baby. A food baby, made entirely of bagels, she says.


Two days ago, Kendall Jenner shared a picture on Instagram that nearly drove the world wild.

You see, Kardashian fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner is pregnant – some even think she’s already welcomed a baby – and with no hint of any official confirmation, they’ve gone a little… insane.

According to some, if one Kardashian sister is pregnant (and, in fact, both Kim and Khloe have already confirmed they’ll be expanding their families this year), that means all of them must be.

We’re pretty sure that’s how pregnancy works. It’s kinda like the flu. One person gets it and then a WHOLE HOUSEHOLD is infected with a baby.

So when 22-year-old Kendall shared an after-dinner selfie in which her stomach looked somewhat round, the rumours began.

loner life ????

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Kendall’s picture was flooded with comments along the lines of, “girl, are you pregnant, too?” and “U look pregnant”.

Charming, really.

But top model Kendall was having none of this silliness and responded to the hype on Twitter.


“I just like bagels, okay!!!” she wrote alongside a link to a story that claimed she was expecting.

Ah Kendall, don’t worry, we totally know the feeling. Bagels are… somewhat irresistible. Even for former Victoria’s Secret models.

Some fans were quick to share that they, too, are fans of the boiled, bready treat and defended Kendall against those who thought that simply because she’d eaten a meal, she was with child.




So there you have it folks, another Kardashian baby rumour successfully squashed, just in time for 2018.