15 questions we have about Kendall Jenner's Cannes Film Festival dress.

Some have said she’s “flirting with a wardrobe malfunction“.

Others have called it an “epic entrance“.

The word “sheet” has been uttered on more than one occasion.

Kendall Jenner has arrived at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals in France… Wearing this:

Now THAT is a train. (Getty)

We have a few questions:

Did you parachute to the event?

Did you... forget the final fitting?

Are you anticipating a hostage situation in which you'll require a white flag?

swipe ????????, cuz my dress was WORKING

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Is it a magic trick? Can you disappear behind it in a gust of wind?

Are you training as a matador?

Will it double as a serviette at dinner?

Can another person technically wear the same dress... behind you?

Why is it so long?

This looks suspiciously like matador training. (Getty)

Were you trying to out-train Pippa Middleton's wedding dress? (You want Prince George to step on YOUR dress too. We get it.)

Do you dry your hands on it after washing them in the bathroom? (Maybe the Cannes Festival only has those seedy heat dryers and there are no paper towels)

Does it double as a bed sheet in case you get sleepy?

Let's talk about the stocking socks-with-heels thing: how have you not stacked it up the stairs?

Listen: At least Kendall avoided a wardrobe malfunction. Chrissy Teigen was not so lucky. (Post continues after audio.)

Did the event invitation say "BYO carpet to walk down"?

How on Earth did you not get it stuck in the car door?

Will it protect your knees if you trip?

But... Why?