CULT BUY: The colourful doona set that your bed is screaming for.

Ever look around your room and think to yourself, ‘Something is just….missing here’?

I’ve found what it is.

It’s a doona cover so full of personality, so interesting that it’s almost a piece of art in itself. Ken Done’s latest bedding collaboration with Sheridan genuinely is.

Image: Hugh Stewart

Simultaneously nostalgic and new, once you're in you won't ever want to leave.

"I did things for Sheridan about 30 years ago which was very successful because there probably wasn't any other bed linen at that time that was that colourful or that kind of design. I always thought of it simply as art to sleep under," Done says.


"Of all the things that we did those years, it was the bed linen that people kept remembering saying 'I used to sleep under it ask kids' or 'I had this, I had that' so when Sheridan approached me again last year asking whether I wanted to be part of them celebrating their 50 years in business, I was very happy to do it."

The result is a seven piece homewares collection of quilts, cushions in two designs plus a beach towel available now online and in store, with prices ranging from $69.96 for a pillowcase to $429.95 for the super king quilt cover set.

To create it, Done sent over a whole series of images he was working on and says he was "thrilled" with the two Sheridan chose.

'Sunday Sailing' is Done as Australia has come to know and love him, vibrant colours in a boats and harbour scene, quintessentially Australian.

The other design is something a little different.

"It's from a painting I did in the Antarctic when I went there about 18 months ago. It's a simple painting but it took me a long time to get it right," he says.

Image: Hugh Stewart

"It was about tourists and penguins essentially but I did the drawing about 19 times before I was happy with it because I didn't want it to just be an illustration of penguins of people.

So when I simplified the penguins down to little black marks and the people into more colourful, vertical marks, it seemed to work very well."

The result is a sophisticated but fun quilt set that would look just as well placed in a master bedroom as it would in a (very lucky) kid's room.

Image: Sheridan

The price sits marginally higher than you might normally pay for bedding, but when you consider it as art you can actually enjoy on the daily rather than isolated on a gallery wall it becomes a worthy investment if you can afford it.

"The major thing is that because it's digitally produced compared to the first collaboration which were silk screened, you can see every single mark, you know, you can see every little change of the brush stroke and the colour within it," Done says.

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"And that's the difference today that means it genuinely is like sleeping under a painting and because the duvet colour is obviously bigger than the painting itself. I'm really pleased with it."