Notice something familiar about Keira's dress on tonight's episode of The Bachelor?

With princess fan Janey now eliminated from The Bachelor, someone had to step up and fill her Disney-loving shoes.

Surprisingly, it’s the show’s ‘villain’ Keira who’s set to have her Cinderella moment at a private ball with Richie in tonight’s episode.

And boy, will there be drama – but probably not the kind the producers were expecting.

You see, if you watched Keira glide down those ballroom steps and thought there was just something a littttle familiar about her dress, you’re right.

Talk about feeling like a princess... Image: Channel 10


The beautiful ivory colour with fine gold thread detailing. The uniquely-cut strapless neckline. Is it all coming back to you yet?

Image: Channel 10

I'll give you a hint.


Image: Channel 10

THAT'S RIGHT. It's exactly the same top as the gown Sam Frost wore in The Bachelorette finale when she chose Sasha as her one true love.

But even when Frost wore the dazzling dress in the hills of New Zealand, she wasn't the first to wear it.

Viewers had seen it before on intruder Rachel Moore on Sam Wood's season of The Bachelor.


Image: Channel 10

That makes three appearances now in the last three consecutive Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. There's no denying those genius stylists are resourceful.

Fortunately Keira's dress isn't the original covered in metres of black and white tulle in an effort to throw us off the scent.

It's different gown from the same Spring/Summer 2015 collection from Aussie couture label Philipa Galasso.

Missed last night's ep? We break it all down in our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio.

Even better; if you're after your own Bachelor/Princess moment both are still currently available to purchase. Keira's 'Roccoco D'or' gown will set you back $8,896 while Sam/Rachel's 'Roccoco D'or 1' gown is a comparative steal at $8,329.

Regardless of whether it's not entirely new, it's a beautiful dress and Keira looks gorgeous in it - and who could have predicted Cinderella's black velvet collar becoming so very on trend?

Now for the "real drama" to commence...

Image: Channel 10.

Did you spot the repeated dress?