Katy Perry has silenced those breakup rumours with a single Instagram post.

Last week the internet was ablaze with rumours Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had called it splits after several months of dating.

Reports alleged the breakup had resulted from Orlando’s ‘refusal’ to commit to a future including marriage and kids.

However, judging by Katy’s recent Instagram activity, all is not as it seems.

The pop star swiftly set the rumours to rest by posting an adorable Instagram Story, featuring Orlando… in a tartan onesie… holding a baby.

Images: Instagram Stories

"HI INTERNET," she captioned the snap.

In a simpler time, before internet celebrities and social media, the only thing this photo would have told us is: "This is Orlando Bloom carrying an infant while wearing pyjamas."

Not any more. This photo is obviously a mass call out to media, letting the world know Katy and Orlando are still very much an item, thank you very much.

Admittedly, following the nude paddling board incident of 2016, this was a relationship we might have been sad to see go.

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