Nine responds to claims of fibbing about Katy Perry's "live" appearance.

Channel 9 have released a statement amid controversy surrounding Katy Perry’s “live” performance on The Voice.

The pop star defied the laws of physics on her latest trip to Australia, somehow managing to appear in two places at once. That or two major television channels just got caught out telling porkies.

In a statement made on Monday afternoon, The Voice‘s executive producer John Walsh said:

“There are instances where we have to pre-record a performance just prior to the broadcast because of the demands of staging.

“The production complexities of performances like Katy’s means sets can’t always be struck and re-set during the time allowed by a commercial break.”

For weeks, Channel 9 had been promoting Perry’s Sunday night performance on this year’s grand final of The Voice, casually mentioning at every given opportunity that she would be singing live and that fans of the show could watch Katy Perry perform live and did we mention she was going to be onstage live?

Channel 7 followed suit, announcing that 32-year-old Perry would be appearing live on Sunrise come Monday morning. She would be meeting fans live, talking to Kochie on the desk live, and live TV is live, you guys.

The problem being, though, Perry – whose latest album Witness was released a fortnight ago – was seen boarding a flight home to the US on Sunday evening at 7.30pm.


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Incredibly, the airport visit came a full 90 minutes ahead of her “live” performance on The Voice (where she performed individually and with the finalists) and almost 12 hours ahead of her “live” appearance on Sunrise.

And unless Katy Perry somehow got her hands Hermione Granger’s time turner, I’m pretty confident two major Australian networks just got caught out fibbing, something the Swish Swish singer all but confirmed herself while visiting the Channel 7 studio.

Offering to meet and take a photo with a superfan waiting outside the studio on “Monday morning”, Perry was filmed telling her, “let’s make your Saturday.”

Kochie laughed awkwardly and Twitter responded accordingly, with News Corp music writer Cameron Adams tweeting, “Awkward: Katy Perry tells fan she’s about to meet on Sunrise ‘let’s make your Saturday’ – she pre-recorded today’s ‘live’ show on Saturday.”

By now though, Perry is likely halfway home and giving precisely zero cares.

A Seven spokesperson has confirmed to news.com.au Perry’s segment was pre-recorded last week. Nine has so far yet to comment.