The outrageous lengths Katie Price went to to catch husband cheating.

TV presenter and former model Katie Price made the devastating discovery that her husband Kieran Hayler was cheating on her, leading to the breakdown of their five-year marriage in April 2018.

But it’s how she caught him that has fans wondering how the 40-year-old could come up with a method that sounds a lot like espionage.

In an interview with OK! Magazine last year, Katie explained that her stripper ex had affairs in the past, and her discovering him liaising with a 19-year-old was the final straw.

Suspicious of her partner, the mum-of-five wanted to check his phone for incriminating texts. And her next move was straight out of a spy movie.

“One night when he was asleep, I got his finger and pressed it against his phone so it unlocked it, and there it all was. It was all there,” she told the magazine.

But the somewhat extreme manoeuvre didn’t come out of nowhere. The Loose Women host explained he raised her suspicions with his odd behaviour.

“He kept accusing me of stuff and it was annoying me because I knew he was probably cheating.”

In addition to the texts to a 19-year-old who works at a corner store, Katie said she also found messages to his ex-girlfriend.

“I’ve got all the messages – I needed to see them to finally know what a lost cause he is.”

She also told the magazine that she’d moved on, and was now dating a personal trainer, Kris Boyson, who had helped her son Harvey lose weight.

“He does actually tick all the boxes!”

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