Tom Cruise may be dating a woman who looks exactly like Katie Holmes.

“Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery” and all that jazz.

Tom Cruise, 53, and Katie Holmes, 36, who have daughter Suri, 9, together, have been divorced for years. But judging by these shots of Tom’s (alleged) new girlfriend, Katie may not be so far from his mind.

We only say this because Tom appears to have tracked down a Katie Holmes look-a-like and drawn her into his employ (at least). The Daily Mail called it first, and well, the likeness is there. Flowing brown locks, doe eyes, slim and upturned mouth… her features are so similar it’s a little freaky. The girl in question is 22-year-old British assistant, Emily Thomas.

So, to the evidence. Here is Emily.

And now Katie:

Now nothing has been confirmed as of yet about the pair’s relationship, but if it’s true, we can say with great certainty that Tom Cruise has a type. A very singular type. Here’s Emily again:


And Katie again:

And now side by side (because SCIENCE):

Alright, so maybe good looking women with brown hair standing next to the same guy might have a passing resemblance.

Also: she’s quite possibly his EA and nothing more.

But STILL. It’s there. And open on the facts.

As usual, the hilarious people of Twitter banded together to share their thoughts on the maybe/maybe not new couple.

Some people didn’t keep it very PC.

While others just wanted to lay out the facts. No matter how strange they are.

Poor Tom. The dating world is HARSH.

If you want to see more of Katie Holmes (and compare her to apparent doppelganger), here you go.

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