Kate Winslet films herself giving AACTAs acceptance speech in a holey jumper.


Kate Winslet thought she was not going to win an AACTA trophy, but it still took her six goes to get her acceptance speech right.

The actress, 40, filmed herself on her phone accepting the award for Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film for her role as Tilly Dunnage in The Dressmaker, beating favourite Charlize Theron.

She felt “slightly ridiculous” filming herself for an award she wouldn’t win, she said, but the show’s producers had convinced her to do it just in case her name was called.

Kate Winslet in The Dressmaker.

“They said to me I ought to put something together just on the off-chance, maybe that I might win this award. But I am sure that I haven’t done,” she said.

On her fifth attempt, Winslet noticed her jumper had a hole in it. In the sixth and final attempt, she’d added some lipstick and tilted the phone so the holey jumper wasn’t visible.

Watch Kate Winslet’s excellent acceptance speech here… Post continues after video.

Video by AustFilmInstitute

“OK, so just in case I won, thank you. Thank you very, very, very much for giving this award to me,” she said, going on to thank director and screenwriter Jocelyn Moorhouse and actors Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, and Sarah Snook.

Liam Hemsworth got a special mention. For being hot.

“Lovely Liam Hemsworth, I do have to mention him even though he’s really, really famous and probably doesn’t need more people talking about how gorgeous he is, but I am going to have to talk about him because he is really gorgeous and we were very lucky to have him!”