People have noticed something a little disturbing about Kate Middleton's birth reveal dress.

There’s a reason why the dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore to present Prince Louis to the world looked so… familiar.

And possibly a little bit… unsettling.

It… it… looks a lot like the dress Rosemary Woodhouse wore in the 1968 horror movie Rosemary’s Baby.

You know, that nice lil’ film about a woman who gives birth to the son of the devil to, erm, further her husband’s career.

Some Twitter folk pointed it out and some other Twitter folk have some thoughts on it:



Some people even pointed out a few more coincidences between the royal family and the horror film:


Anywho, we’re pretty sure the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress choice had more to do with honouring her late mother-in-law and very little to do with any ties to an underground baby-stealin’ satanic cult.

As you were.