FLUFF: Wedding guest wears same outfit as Kate Middleton. Awkward.

Oh, this poor soul.

There are few things worse, fashion-wise, than turning up to an important event wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else. But the embarrassment gets approximately 10000 times worse when the person who accidentally came matchy-matchy with you… is Kate Middleton, royal style icon.

This happened to an unidentified wedding guest at the weekend, who turned up in the very same coat the Duchess of Cambridge had on.

Here’s Kate with her Princely entourage, arriving at a close friend’s wedding. Kate, 32, matches her blue coat with a black clutch bag, with her hair elegantly swept beneath a cute navy hat. Moments after this photograph was taken, the coat probably sold out around the world.

Meanwhile, arriving on her own was this woman here – wearing the same coat. She chose to team it with a cream bag and metallic pink heels. And, judging by the look on her face, a deep sense of royal-themed regret.

Because of all the well-dressed people on this planet, Duchess Kate is truly the last you’d want to compete with in an accidental outfit-off. She’ll beat ya every time, that impossibly elegant Mother of George.

This fateful jacket-matching saga went down at the wedding of one Lucy Meade to Charlie Budgett in the village of Marshfield, Gloucestershire on Saturday. Miss Meade, 29, is the sister of James Meade, one of the Duke of Cambridge’s school friends from Eton, and the best man at the Royal wedding.

Prince George did not make an appearance. While his ma and pa were out at the wedding, he was at home with his new Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.
If you need further evidence that Kate Middleton is really the Duchess of Style…

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