Meet the women who dress exactly like Kate Middleton.

There’s no denying that Kate Middleton is a bit of a style icon.

When she wears a new dress or gets a slightly different haircut, some people lose their goddamn minds.

While most of us will admire the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest outfit for a few minutes before moving on to the more important stuff, like watching Netflix and eating a burrito, for a few really dedicated women a Duchess outing is a signal for them to hit the shops.

They’re called the copyKate’s and they’ve dedicated themselves to repli-kating Kate Middleton’s every fashion move.

When Kate wears something new, they scour online shops and eBay to find the perfect replica and then post their copycat look on Instagram.

One of the copyKate’s is named, erm, Kate and her Instagram page is called katecopieskate (yeah, we’re confused too). She posts side-by-side photos of Kate and Pippa’s latest outfits and her take on them.


Then there’s the Budget Duchess, a royal-obsessed mum who loves to find budget versions of the Duchess’s outfits.


One of my favourites ???? #liketkit ????of Catherine by: wire images

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And Rachael and Brooke – two Australian women who replicate Kate’s outfits on their Instagram page, Cambridge Mums.


Now that’s dedication.

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