The secret to Kate Hudson's fitness is in her handbag.

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In a world where celebrities are constantly bombarding us with news of their latest weird fitness obsessions (upside down yoga in space, anyone?), Kate Hudson’s fitness staple is refreshingly down to earth.

And she carries it in her handbag everyday.

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Yes, the secret to Hudson keeping in shape is a skipping rope.

While most of us struggle to find our keys at the bottom of our bag, the 35 year-old actress keeps this particular piece of sporting equipment in her (probably designer) handbag, ready to whip out at any opportunity.

Hudson’s personal trainer Nicole Stuart revealed her skipping obsession in a recent interview with UK magazine, Look.

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“She carries a skipping rope in her bag everywhere she goes, and even if she only has a few minutes free she’ll do some,” she said.

“Even just five minutes four times a day adds up to an entire 20 minutes of cardio.”

“I love skipping with rope because it’s one of the hardest cardio exercises you can do, but it’s so easy,” Hudson told The Sunday Times Style magazine earlier this year.

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“People think for some reason you have to work out for two and a half hours, but it can be little. It can be 20 minutes, it can be 40 minutes,” she said.

Kate Hudson's fitness secret is something we can all do. Image: Something Borrowed


"You work your ass off, it's the only way," she told Us Weekly of her exercise routine. "Everyone wants some sort of secret and there isn't, it's just you have to work out."

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Her personal trainer Nicole Stuart says Hudson enjoys a mix of dancing, yoga, boxing, hiking and playing tennis.

We're also pretty sure Hudson is one of those women who looks great while working out -  largely thanks to the fact that she's the co-founder of an athleticswear and accessories line called Fabletics.

Are you going to copy Kate's fitness trick?